The needs of the child that are being met range from basic food and nourishment to housing and school clothing. Most of these children live in areas that $1.00 per day is enough to change their lives, and that is our goal in partnering with specific non-governmental agencies around the world that focus on supporting these less fortunate children.

In the same way that we want each meal from Famfood to have an impact on your family, we want to help families across the world. We are able to accomplish this with every meal that your family purchases through Famfood. 

  • Meet Isacc Adan
    Meet Isacc Adan Age 4

    Isacc is 4 years old and lives in Palenque, Dominican Republic. This community is small and is greatly affected by gambling and alcohol/drug abuse. This is the case with both adults and adolescents. Your support will help mentors direct Isacc through these potential pitfalls and keep him in school. Isacc is performing above average in his classes and loves drawing, listening to stories, and playing group games.

  • Meet Eriel Moreno
    Meet Eriel Moreno Age 4

    Eriel is 4 years old and lives in Palenque, Dominican Republic. The community that Eriel lives in has a population of about 20,000 people. Eriel lives in a cement block house, with a tin roof. Since the main employment in this town is from the cement plant, there is a good chance that Eriel’s father made some of the bricks that construct their house. Eriel loves to play sports and is very thankful for your support to make growing and developing into a man possible.  

  • MEET Devileisy Lopez
    MEET Devileisy Lopez Age 3

    Devileisy is 3 years old and lives in Palenque, Dominican Republic. She lives with two siblings and both of her parents, who are unemployed. Devileisy’s favorite things to do are dancing and playing with her favorite doll. With your support she is able to remain healthy and attend kindergarten.

  • MEET Oriel Valera
    MEET Oriel Valera Age 3 Oriel is 3 years old and lives in Palenque, Dominican Republic. His mother’s name is Martha and she is his primary caregiver. This is not the case in many of these homes, as the mother must work and make money, while someone else in the community may keep a group of children. The average for a family income, with both parents working in this area, is $124 per month, but Oriel’s family brings home less because only his father can work. They are very thankful for your support, so that Martha can nurture him and teach him how to stay away from the bad things that are so prevalent in this community. With your support his family can eat well and send him to kindergarten.